InfoClean Smart Staffing, Bidding & Estimating Guidebook

Created for ISSA, this guidebook presents modern workloading tools that consider real-life variables such as customer expectations, service requirements, building soil levels, building usage, operating costs, and quality as you learn to build a zero-based staffing plan.

This guidebook explores time-proven methods and techniques that generate accurate and meaningful staffing plans. Everyone in your organization will benefit from the ability to more efficiently and accurately justify and determine optimum staffing levels.

Workloading Software

Hunches and intuition have their place, but when it comes to staffing and budgeting, knowing the facts leads to smarter decisions. InfoClean is a fast and flexible workloading tool.

This intuitive and amazingly powerful program strips away complexity and simplifies workloading. In just minutes, you can generate multiple scenarios to get the answers that you need–all backed by accurate data, rather than hopeful guesses.

Carpet Care Life Cycle Cost Spreadsheet

Calculate carpet care program cost, determine carpet care life cycle cost and return on investment.

Building Service Contractor (BSC) Industry Report

Detailed analysis of the building service contractor market.