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Your field sales team can be exceptionally powerful. However, it is also the most costly market channel so Sales Effectiveness is the key to success.. The most successful firms are transitioning their sales teams from being largely independent/self-directed to being strategically focused. We can guide you through the transition by focusing on:

  • Sales compensation strategies
  • Measuring sales effectiveness
  • Productivity enhancement tools assessment
  • CRM implementation
  • RFP responses


Would you like to know the present and future attractiveness of a market? Working together, we will help you understand the evolving opportunities and threats as they relate to your company’s own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Identification of market trends
  • Market growth rate and profitability (current and future)
  • Industry cost structure
  • Distribution channels
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Key success factors
  • Competitive positioning
  • Strategic recommendations


As the pace of change accelerates, setting a strategic direction is essential for survival. We help our manufacturing clients to set a strategic direction, develop an implementation plan, and created metric so you will know that you are on track.


The market platforms we build with clients pull together all elements of the marketing mix into an integrated offering that includes:

  • Product design
  • Capability brochures and video
  • ROI
  • Social media
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Seminars continue to be some of the most effective tools you can use to win new customers. We have been conducting selling and training seminars for 20 years and have a proven formula that helps you convert attendees into customers.


How do you place a value on the services that support your products? Do you know what they are really worth? Do your customers truly value them? We can help you get the answers and “dollarize” your value proposition by developing amazingly insightful models that build your top and bottom lines.


Would you like to validate the time savings that your product or system produces? AICS can help by providing reliable and accurate work measurement services. As the industry leader in collecting labor, material and productivity costs, AICS can provide a third-party analysis of your product or process.


Green cleaning is now part of the fabric of the cleaning industry, and the focus is moving beyond green cleaning to sustainability. Whether you are just getting started or see opportunity to build your current program, AICS has the experience and expertise to get you to the next level.


Key accounts, the accounts that can truly improve your business, are your lifeblood. Whether you need to retain one or to win more of them, AICS has a process that works. We have helped manufacturers build relationships and dramatically improve their close rates.