If you manage your own staff, our cleaning consultants can help you by…

  • Benchmarking FTE and janitorial cost per square foot data
  • Developing zero-based workloading
  • Writing work specifications to include all tasks, frequencies, and scheduling
  • Conducting quality assurance surveys
  • Implementing quality management standards
  • Assembling strategies to optimize the workforce
  • Evaluating Day Cleaning
  • Analyzing in-house vs. outsource feasibility


You can combine our expertise with your knowledge of your facility to reduce costs and improve service.
Here are some of the questions that we answer:

  1. Do we have the right staffing levels?
  2. Are there cleaning techniques that would help our cleaning staff be more productive?
  3. Are there programs that motivate or positively affect attitudes?
  4. How can we do a better job of recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees?
  5. Are we getting the best value from our cleaning products?
  6. Is the facility responsible for inhibiting or spreading sickness?
  7. Is there an easy, fair, and objective method of measuring cleanliness?
  8. Are there ways to make the facility safer for employees, visitors, and customers?
  9. Should we out-source or maintain our own facility?
  10. How can we clean for health?