Every organization is asked to ensure a healthier, hygienic, and safer environment…while controlling costs.

Outcome Based Cleaning is a better way to think about cleaning and deliver results.

Outcome Based Cleaning™ (OBC™) is the road map for facility managers, distributors, service providers, and in-house cleaning departments to sustainably maintain safer, healthier buildings at the right price.

OBC™ is based on industry standards, regulatory compliance, safety requirements, healthy workplace strategies, economics, and best practices. OBC™ is actionable, pragmatic, and usable. It includes a streamlined implementation process and ongoing support that is completely customizable.

Outcome Based Cleaning™ is a practice-driven approach to facility maintenance that integrates the 5 P’s™.


1. People: Human resource management plays a vital role in cleaning organizations. Human resource policies, hiring practices, and training impact productivity and turnover.

2. Products: Products: Standardization supports procedural consistency, can increase productivity, and promotes sustainability.

3. Processes: A site-based risk analysis defines processes and aligns processes to mitigate risk and maximize outcomes.

4. Production: Orchestrating people, products, and processes result in higher productivity and lower operating costs.

5. Perception: The saying that “perception is reality” is especially relevant to facility management. OBC™ manages perceptions for better customer satisfaction.