The global health crisis has changed the cleaning industry.

Every organization is being asked to ensure a more healthy, hygienic, and safer environment…while controlling cost.

Outcome Based Cleaning™ (OBC™) is the road map for facility managers, distributors, service providers, and in-house cleaning departments to successfully navigate the reopening process, and safely welcome employees, customers and visitors back to their offices and places of business while sustainably maintaining safer, healthier buildings at the right price.

OBC™ is based on industry standards, regulatory compliance, safety requirements, healthy workplace strategies, economics, and best practices. OBC™ is actionable, pragmatic, and usable. It includes a streamlined implementation process and ongoing support that is completely customizable.

Outcome Based Cleaning™ is a practice-driven approach to facility maintenance that integrates the 5 P’s™.


1. People: Human resource management plays a vital role in cleaning organizations. Human resource policies, hiring practices, and training impact productivity and turnover.

2. Products: Products: Standardization supports procedural consistency, can increase productivity, and promotes sustainability.

3. Processes: A site-based risk analysis defines processes and aligns processes to mitigate risk and maximize outcomes.

4. Production: Orchestrating people, products, and processes result in higher productivity and lower operating costs.

5. Perception: The saying that “perception is reality” is especially relevant to facility management. OBC™ manages perceptions for better customer satisfaction.