InfoClean Workloading International Edition


InfoClean International Edition is is an internationalized version of InfoClean. Costs are based user inputted currency.  All space and area calculations are metric.



InfoClean Workloading International Edition simplifies the workloading process and makes it easy to answer the question; How much should it cost to clean this building?

InfoClean features an intuitive visual dashboard with charts and graphs for presentation. No programming is required. A typical building can be workloaded in 15 minutes.

This application requires Microsoft Windows to operate. It will operate on a Mac through Windows emulation (i.e. Boot Camp or Parallels).

Note that this application was written in Adobe Flash. Adobe will end support of Flash Player on December 31, 2020. Flash is not supported by modern browsers.  Be sure that you can run Flash on your system. The program will not operate if you are unable to run Flash.