InfoClean FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about InfoClean Workloading

Q: What is InfoClean and what does it do?
InfoClean is an amazingly intuitive and powerful workloading tool that enables facility professionals to quickly, easily, and accurately determine the number of staff and funds needed to maintain a facility.

Q: How is InfoClean different from other workloading programs?
InfoClean is easy to use and easy to learn. With InfoClean you will have your staffing estimates completed in minutes, rather than hours. To see just how easy it is, run the demo!

​Q: I already own workloading software. Will InfoClean help me?
Absolutely! Because InfoClean is so easy to use and inexpensive, even people who already own workloading programs find InfoClean to be a great tool to get quick answers.

Q: Is training required?
Training is not needed because InfoClean is so easy to use.

Q: How long will it take to learn to use InfoClean?
You will be able to learn how to calculate staffing estimates using InfoClean in less than 10 minutes.

Q: Can I use my own production rates?
Yes! InfoClean is very flexible. You can use the standard production rates that have been field-tested in over 20,000 facilities, or you can use your own production rates.

Q: Can I add specialty tasks or non-cleaning tasks?
Yes! InfoClean includes a very easy-to-use yet powerful feature that lets you add any type of task (cleaning or non-cleaning) and determine the time and cost to complete it.

Q: I’d like to be able to compare the cost of various cleaning techniques or staffing plans. Can InfoClean help me?
Definitely! InfoClean is perfect for creating “what-if” scenarios. You can use InfoClean to project the impact of alternative staffing plans, to estimate the savings of using different equipment, or even to estimate the operational cost of a wage increase.

Q: I am an in-house service provider or contractor. How will InfoClean help me?
InfoClean replaces hunches and intuition with facts by answering important questions such as:
• How long will it take to complete a task or clean an area?
• How does changing task frequency affect cost?
• What happens to my bottom line when I add or subtract space?
• What will a wage increase do to my overall budget?
• How do I identify the best maintenance methods/plan?

Q: How will a distributor, manufacturer, or manufacturer’s representative
use InfoClean?

InfoClean is a great tool to “dollarize” the payback that a new piece of equipment or cleaning technique will produce.

Q: Is InfoClean available for Mac?
InfoClean is web-based and runs on all operating systems including those from Apple and Microsoft.

Q: Does my Information Technology Department need to be involved?
Absolutely not!!! InfoClean is web-based so there is no software to install.

Q: Do you have a demo?
No. InfoClean is so easy to use a demo adds little value.

Q: What do we get when we license InfoClean?
You get a complete software package that includes everything you need to workload your facility.

Q: How much does InfoClean cost?
InfoClean is just $9.95USD per month (invoiced annually). Updates are always free!

Q: How do I order InfoClean?
For ordering details, click here

Q: How do I back up my work?
Each time that you save a scenario it is saved as part of the InfoClean program file.

Q: Are product updates planned?
InfoClean is continually updated. There is never a charge for updates.


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